Flexographic Printer

Flexographic Printer

£8 – £14/hour

Corby, Northamptonshire



Echo Packaging is looking for a Flexographic Printer to join their expanding team.

Due to an expanding business and a large increase in orders we are looking for an experienced flexographic Printer.

Ideally you have experience in flexographic Printing up to 8 colours. Outstanding colour matching skills and Experience in both UV and waterbased systems, Gidue and Nilpeter experience would be an advantage.

Rate of Pay will depend on previous experience but will range between £8 – £14p/h

To apply for this position, candidates must be eligible to live and work in the UK
Matchtech Group UK Limited is acting as an Employment Agency in relation to this vacancy.

Please email CV’s to


Finalists of the Plastics Industry Awards

We are very privileged to announce our finalist position for the Best Environmental or Energy Efficiency Programme of the Year. All of the winners will be revealed at the Awards Ceremony on Friday 27th September 2013 at London Hilton on Park Lane. A winning trophy will be presented to each winner on stage from the celebrity host comedian, Tim Vine

We are very fortunate enough to have an effective closed loop recycling system with supportive customers who help us strive to achieve our recycling and environmental goals. We believe that we were the first UK business to invest in closed-loop grocery bag recycling. This means when you return your bags to your delivery drivers, they are brought back to our warehouse, where they’re sorted and recycled ready for your next delivery. We can even recycle all different types of retailer’s bags in our attempt to keep our footprint to a minimum.before 800 of the great and good in plastics.

We are very proud of our finalist position and are very much looking forward to attending the event.

Meet Our New Recruits

Why we use Apprentices…


There are lots of benefits to doing an Apprenticeship. You can earn while you learn, and learn in a way that is best suited to you – through hands-on experience on the job. Key benefits of being an apprentice include, earning a salary, getting paid holidays, receiving training, gaining qualifications and learning job-specific skills. Apprenticeships can be demanding but they are very rewarding because apprenticeships train you in the skills that employers want, they give you choices in your career.

Apprenticeships can help business across all sectors by offering a path towards harnessing fresh new talent. Over 130,000 workplaces offer apprenticeships because they understand the benefits that apprentices bring to the business world – increase productivity, improved competiveness and a committed and competent work-force.  Apprentices tend to be eager, motivated , flexible and loyal to the company that invested in them. An apprentice is with you because they want to be—they have made an active choice to learn on the job and a commitment to specific carer.


Apprenticeships deliver skills designed around your business needs, providing the skilled workers you we need for the future. They also help us to develop the specialist skills we need to keep pace with the latest technology and working practices in our sector.


Our apprentices will work alongside experience staff whilst gaining job-specific skills, they will also earn a wage whilst studying toward a relation qualification one day a week.


Meet Brian…

Brian started his role at Echo Packaging December 2012, Brian impressed us so much he was offered an apprenticeship in Mechanical Engineering.


Brian claims to love his job as his role entails in operating machinery and mixing inks. Brian said, “I want to ensure the quality of the inks by mixing them spot on”.  In the ink mixing room Brian has put up motivational posters in order to promote positive attitude and a good ethos to Echo Packaging which will hopefully spread across the whole of the company.


Brian now has become self-autonomous in his job and feels comfortable working here at Echo Packaging where he sees himself on a career path in mechanical engineering. Brian describes himself as hardworking, independent and focused as he likes to get everything finished to a high quality. Brian’s feels very fortunate for being given the opportunity of quality level training whilst attending Tresham College once a week to do Electricals. 


In his spare time Brian enjoys hitting the gym, socialising with his friends as well as being a full on R&B fan.


Meet Emma…

Emma started her apprenticeship at Echo Packaging on 28May 2013.


Her marketing role involves research into potential clients and the development of the online presence of Echo Packaging, with things such as advertising, writing and blogging; this includes tasks such as Facebook and Twitter awareness.


Emma studied business at GSCE and AS Level now hoping to gain the practical experience to further her business career. Emma said, “the role is interesting and something I have always seen myself pursuing but I am looking forward to learning more”. Emma feels Echo packaging has been very welcoming and the staff have been lovely which has helped her settle in quite comfortably.  She hopes to bring business and success to Echo Packaging while developing her education and skills.


Emma describes herself as independent, enthusiastic and reliable. In her spare time Emma loves training an under 12’s girls football team as well as training in a ladies squad as well as socialising with friends and family. 


Meet Stewart…

Stewart began his journey recently on 20 May 2013 where he was offered his apprenticeship role of Mechanical Engineering at Echo Packaging.


Stewart is still currently learning the ropes in the warehouse however he hopes in the near future to become autonomous and independent. So far Stewart claims, “the warehouse is hard work but I am enjoying it and like a challenge”.


 The apprenticeship of Mechanical Engineering is something that Stewart has always wanted to do and he is appreciative of Echo Packaging giving him the opportunity; hoping he will be able to eventually progress in his role. Stewart will attend college once a week to enable him to still continue his education as well as get the hands on experience of work. Stewart describes himself as a conscientious hard worker with a good attitude and with many skills that he would like to develop at Echo Packaging.


In his spare time Stewart is a family and friend orientated guy but still finds time to play on the Xbox whilst aspiring to become a Hip-Hop star.



Closed Loop Recycling

Here at Echo Packaging we use a production system called Closed Loop Recycling in which the waste of a product of one process or product is used in the making another product. It is a production system whereby the waste material within the manufacturing process at the end of its life is returned back to the same process for re-use.  

When recycling, plastics are often used in lower-grade products than their original used, sometimes known to be referred to as ‘down-cycling’, but high purity recycled materials can be added to virgin polymer when making new products known as closed loop recycling.

There is more to recycling than just getting more use of the waste material. Today’s market is driven by customers who will make selections based partly on the environmental impact of a particular company. Manufactures like us, recognized the need to demonstrate our green credentials as part of our marketing campaign.

Echo Packaging use closed loop systems in our manufacturing business in an effort to reduce the environmental footprint and insure the business against the risks of a resource constrained world. Echo Packaging are committed in resource efficiency and cutting emissions.

The amounts of limited resources saved include energy and oil. The environmental benefits are reduced landfill and CO2 emission. This in itself is a good justification for using the closed loop recycling system; the marketing advantages can also be significant, with both manufacturers and consumers seeking ways to show they are behaving environmentally responsibly.

Paper Carrier Bags

Using Paper bags is still quite common since they are environmentally friendly.

Paper Carrier Bags are the answer to your businesses shopping bag needs. Today the majority of the masses have demonstrated a greater keenness in utilising printed paper carrier bags rather than the plastic bags.

Paper carrier bags are an excellent mode to improve brand awareness and brand visibility. To be more in step with this trend, many manufacturers now use recycled paper too. You will find that these bags provide an amazing amount of advertising. Branding by printing on carrier bags is a great way of providing your company with the advertising it needs without spending a boatload of money.
Paper carrier bags often appear in different styles, determined by its intended use. Printed carrier bags will never prove to be a failure for your marketing campaigns since they are constantly in demand for a variety of purposes including, shopping for groceries, sandwich carriers, eliminate carriers and a whole lot. For starters, what you print on paper bags is more easily visible by loyal customers and potential client bases alike.

If you’re concerned about being able to hand these bags out, don’t be. Everyone needs a paper carrier bag at some point, and with your marketing budget at your disposal, you are in the perfect position to provide. If you are looking to increase your company branding then printed paper carrier bags could be the way forward.

Low Cost Bags – High Impact Advertising

“Carrier Bags low cost high impact advertising” True? Actually this is often overlooked. But it is very true – this is why..

There is little more satisfying for a customer than to be presented with a beautifully designed and made carrier bag. As often the bag, and a memory of good service, are all that links a purchase to a shop.

Your choice of carrier is as crucial to your business as your store design and selection of stock.

Something that always tends to surprise people in business is the importance of branding. You may believe that establishing your company was enough, and in some cases it might be, but if you wish to expand and gain more customers, you need to establish your brand.

As a business owner, you are well aware of how much it can cost to advertise any company, and you know that advertising is essential but you must be worried about the huge cost it takes to advertise your products or brand.

Promotional Carrier Bags

Promotional carrier bags are vital part of advertising these days. Many companies, depending upon their marketing approaches, prefer to use printed carrier bags to advertise their brand and message. This is because they are really functional and enhance brand visibility.

Promotional carrier bags nowadays are available in many different formats, as you’ll see. Promotional printed carrier bags have a wide-ranging appeal and can be quickly imprinted with your business logo. This primarily produces a lasting reminder of your business.

The most important thing to consider if the quality of the bag you require, what do you need it for, in other words? Or what do you want to say about your brand and company? You need to pick these with care since as they will be carrying your message. You can quickly customise printed carrier bags by getting your business logo, company name, and website URL on the bag. Marketing printed carrier bags are usually distributed at conferences, shows, conventions, and also in-house.

Before purchasing any carrier bags, attempt to establish your audience. This will definitely provide you with a clear picture of just what kind of bag you need, and don’t forget you need to think about  dimensions, designs, and of course the design of bag you need to buy for your market or audience.

For example, marketing printed carrier bags, nowadays, are accessible in just about every variety type. From plastic to canvas, including cotton.

If you are in the UK and looking to buy quality marketing printed carrier bags, look no further than our huge selection, all made to your total specification. Anybody purchasing promotional printed carrier bags in bulk online, can benefit from our huge range of products, at the most competitive costs.

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