Echo Packaging specialise in flexi loop, patch handle, vari gauge and high density vest carrier bags.

We can also provide competitive prices on paper, jute and cotton products.

Based in Corby, we believe that we were the first company in the UK to invest in closed-loop grocery bag recycling. This means if our client has the facility to collect their bags back from the consumers, we could then be able to recycle them into shiny new bags.


Environmental Policy


Echo Packaging is fully committed to environmental responsibility. We work with our customers to help them select the right specification for their packaging. Our goal is always to minimize the impact of our products on the environment; not only in terms of energy usage during production, but also in safe disposal throughout the United Kingdom and mainland Europe.

We also produce Echothene which is a film that degrades under the influence of light and heat but is only triggered once being exposed to UV light.

Once the Polyethylene has been exposed to UV light, the degradation reaction will be triggered and continues even in the dark. It will be accelerated by heat.

Once the Polyethylene has been transformed into a fine powder, studies have shown that biological degradation will take place. The end products of biodegradation will be Carbon Dioxide and water, with a very small residue of non-toxic inert mineral material. Biological degradation can start when the molecular weight has been drastically reduced and when the surface area of the disintegrated plastic has been enlarged.

As a result of our commitment to the environment, we offer to produce products in a thinner gauge but deliver the same strength from the use of multi-layers. We also recycle the plastic waste from our production process to produce stock line carrier bags. We review our operations constantly to keep up with new technological developments. As a result, we are at the forefront of new production techniques that allow us to produce environmentally sound, superior quality products at competitive prices, all manufactured in the UK.

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